Our service is equipped with flight status Bot. It can assist travellers in their arrangements. It definitely simplifies travel procedures by saving their time. It is available on the messaging application Telegram in different languages. It is accessible round the clock and is ready to provide travellers with its support. Travellers get notifications referring to their flight status, take offs and arrivals. It is being constantly improved to meet travellers’ expectations and to become more helpful. 


It is created to let travellers be well-informed about current situations and events in the world of travelling and commercial aviation. The information provided in the articles is up-to-date and accurate. Information presented might be of great use as it covers best tips for travellers to help them to save their money. Moreover, travellers are provided with information on the launch of new carriers, flight destinations and regulations in the sphere of air travel. Passengers might find it helpful as well due to the coverage of news relating to passengers’ rights